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The Departmental Assembly

It is composed of 34 councilmen and women, elected by direct universal suffrage on a two-part ticket system (a man and a woman) based on a cantonal subdivision (17 cantons in the Department). They decide the main orientations and strategies inside 12 thematic committees.

The budget

It is voted on an annual basis by the Assembly. Solidarity and social action are the Department main tasks and represent almost 60 % of operating expenditures.

Voted decisions

The Departmental councilmen/women determine the main orientations and decide which major projects will be led and implemented. The projects are studied inside thematic committees and decisions are taken during plenary sessions.

Action areas

The Department is the leading partner in social field and provides support to elderly and disabled people, children and their families and also manages social integration (active solidarity income). The Department is also in charge of secondary schools, departmental roads. It supports cultural development, sport initiatives, tourism and bilingualism.


2433 people work in the departmental administration to provide local high quality level service to the inhabitants.

Key numbers and maps

Find here key indicators, data and statistics about implemented actions in the different departmental competence fields.